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Experienced Paternity Lawyer in Des Moines

Paternity refers to the action of establishing that a man is the father of a child. By establishing paternity, it is possible to secure rights to visitation, impose child support payments, gain custody rights and many other options as well. At the Law Office of Tod J. Beavers, P.C., in Des Moines, we have represented numerous clients through the paternity process and have the skills required to help you as well.

Contact a lawyer who knows Iowa's paternity laws today. We offer free consultations. Our firm prides itself on being accessible to clients and providing effective, prompt advocacy.

Guidance With All of Your Paternity Needs

We have helped both men and women establish paternity throughout the Urbandale, West Des Moines and Des Moines areas. Many times, mothers wish to seek support from the father. Other times, a father has rights that he wishes to assert. We can help with all of the issues involved in a paternity action, including:

Asserting Your Parental Rights

Asserting your rights as a father is very important to the growth of your child. If you are being denied visitation or other parental rights to your child, we can help. By establishing paternity as a father, we can give you the visitation and custody rights that will protect your child's best interests. Filing a paternity action is also a good idea because having a paternity decree in place sets forth your rights in court and can prevent future problems from arising. It is also important for fathers to know that if their name is not on the birth certificate, a paternity action will be necessary to establish any parental rights at all. In order for your custody or visitation interests to take effect, you need a district court order setting forth your rights and responsibilities - for example, a child support order provides you NO custody rights only a monetary obligation.

We also are available to assist individuals who are seeking to disestablish paternity. If you do not believe that you owe support or wish to disprove parenthood for whatever reason, you can rely on our team of experienced family law attorneys to guide you through the steps.

Contact a Caring and Skilled Paternity Lawyer Today

For a free initial consultation with a family law attorney, contact our Des Moines law offices today. We strive to listen to your concerns and build a plan that will achieve your goals.

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