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Protecting Your Interests During an Iowa Divorce

One of the primary dangers in a divorce is that a client will allow the hurt and anger they feel to shape the legal decisions they make. Decisions inevitably impact your future finances, emotions and family relationships. If you are divorcing, you need to be sure the decisions you make today are sound for tomorrow.

At the Law Offices of Tod J. Beavers, in Des Moines, Iowa, we work to make divorce straightforward, affordable and understandable. We work closely with clients, listening carefully to what they want and need as they end their marriage. For some clients, mediation or negotiation achieves the best results. Others have goals that are only attainable in a courtroom. Regardless of the setting or method, our focus is always the same: assertive protection of your rights and interests.

Contact us to arrange a confidential discussion of your divorce needs. Call 515-875-4812. Your initial consultation is free.

Protecting Children and Parents in Divorce

For parents, the top priority in a divorce is the welfare of their children. At the Des Moines Law Offices of Tod J. Beavers, we give you supportive counsel as you go through the emotions of determining child custody disputes. We also ensure that whenever your child's future is discussed in legal matters, your child's rights and interests are fully, aggressively represented.

Mediation: More Control, Less Expensive

The mediation process, if available in your situation, can make divorce both less contentious and less costly. It also enables couples to come to lasting, mutually beneficial agreements on child custody, visitation, division of property and other issues more quickly.

Litigation: Experience Matters

Mediation doesn't work for everyone. For some, their interests are best served in a courtroom. In these cases, a judge makes decisions that could impact the rest of your life on child custody, child support, asset distribution and alimony. When you walk into that courtroom, you want to have an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer on your side — one with more than a decade of successful representation of divorcing parties.

Protecting Your Finances During Divorce

Concerned your financial security is in question? Tod J. Beavers has an advanced law degree (LL.M.) in tax law and extensive experience in financial planning. This financial knowledge allows him to help clients structure effective divorce settlements. Should you face overwhelming debt, Mr. Beavers' experience in bankruptcy law means he can help you make the right choices during both your divorce and bankruptcy cases.

Contact us at 515-875-4812 to arrange a free initial consultation. We capably facilitate the dissolution of marriages and domestic partnerships. Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with evening and weekend appointments available upon request.

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