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Create a Child Support Plan That Works

Iowa laws ensure child support agreements are fair and reasonable for the parents. A predetermined formula calculates how much a parent owes according to the number of children, age and needs of the children and the parents' income and assets. There are additional factors.

At the Law Office of Tod J. Beavers, in Des Moines, Iowa, we are skilled at helping parents create a child support plan that works for them and provides the necessary resources for the children involved. We consult with clients about their needs and about what they feel is best for their children. We work hard to negotiate agreements that satisfy everyone involved.

Despite this effort, however, custody disputes still occur when a parent feels he or she is paying or receiving too little child support.

If you have child support issues, contact our firm to discuss the matter with an experienced family law attorney. Your initial consultation is free.

Child Support Enforcement and Modification

Child support disputes can arise when a parent refuses to pay child support or cannot pay support because of the loss of income, a medical ailment or other financial concern. Depending on the situation, we will:

  • File an order to garnish wages from a parent's paycheck
  • Fight to limit the amount of child support a parent is required to pay
  • Renegotiate a payment schedule
  • Fight to increase child support payments
  • File an enforcement action for child support back pay

Child Support and Paternity

Filing a paternity action can help both mothers and fathers either prove or disprove paternity. Mothers can identify their child's father so they can collect child support. Fathers may receive visitation rights of their child. We also represent fathers who have reason to believe the child they are supporting is not theirs.

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The Law Office of Tod J. Beavers provides experienced and knowledgeable legal representation for the resolution of divorce and child support disputes. Contact us for a free initial consultation with a skilled family law attorney.

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